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10/27/2020 5:29:47 PM
Destiny's servers are...not good. I have a 1Gps connection and I get connection errors every now and then when I play the game. All the other multi-player games I play - no problem. People can come up with all sorts of possible technical explanations about why Destiny has connection problems but ultimately it comes down to that they are failing somewhere on their side, probably know why, but either don't have the resources or inclination to fix it. Just add this to the pile of things that Destiny players try to overcome to play the game, which they do with a rather odd and even somewhat admirable determination in the face of things that would probably break most online games. It's a tribute to the fact that despite all the nonsense Bungie serves up at times, the game is really quite engaging at its core. Maybe the new expansion can help scrape away the rust and finally let the game shine as it should. One hopes ; )

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