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10/25/2020 5:46:29 PM
I’m honestly not sure why people would have an issue with this. The trials community seems to be very gatekeeping. It’s just a video game. I’m not very good at PvP, I live rurally and have a rather sub-par internet connection, and prefer to stay out of Trials altogether. I might give it a try sometime if Bungie stabilizes their networks a little bit. I know some of my connection issues are my fault, but certainly not all of them. Anyway, who cares if someone else is running around with a similar gun as you. I wouldn’t expect everyone to go flawless in trials, but for a mode that’s supposed to be “the best of the best”, those same “best” sure seem to have a complex about being matched up with people as good or better than them. As soon as it’s not “fun” for them, it can’t be fun for anyone. Separate pools of flawless vs non-flawless would be nice for people of middling skill levels. Still have to get at least 6 wins without losing to hit the lighthouse. Seeing people with trials gear or weapons tells me absolutely zero about their skill level, to be frank. It could be someone who struggled to get to 3 wins as much as it could be someone who rolled over their matches in the first 45 minutes of the weekend. I forget what my point was.

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