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9/17/2020 6:52:24 AM

Beyond light isn't even close to worth 50$

Starting with beyond light all of the content from the 60 dollar game you purchased a couple years ago will be removed from the game. We will be losing 6 strikes. Well ok as long as new light compensates for the amount of content we are losing. NOPE. We are getting ONE strike with Beyond Light. ONE. STRIKE. FOR A 50 DOLLAR EXPANSION. No new crucible maps. FIFTY DOLLARS. Taken king added multiple strikes and crucible maps. New abilities aren't an excuse for a lack of content. Taken king had new supers and it was 40 dollars. This doesn't add up. "bUt tHe cOsMoDromE iS cOMInG BAcK. aND oLD sTriKes" if I wanted to kill sepiks prime for the 5 millionth time I would load up d1 and play it. This is highway robbery if you ask me. **BUNGIE IM DISSAPOINTED IN YOU. FIX YOUR SH**. ENOUGH WITH THE SEASONAL BS. MAKE NEW THINGS STOP PADDING CONTENT WITH LAZY CRAP. MAKE RAID GEAR GOOD AGAIN.**[quote][/quote]

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