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Modifié par ThatOneWarlock : 10/19/2020 8:40:38 PM

Young Wolf’s Howl should return as an Iron Banner reward

We only have 2 exotic swords, why not another? Especially since Bungie is only going to add 1 ritual weapon this fall, why not just give us another weapon to chase and more incentive to play Iron Banner other than pinnacle gear. For those who didn’t play Destiny 1: at the end of year 3’s campaign our Guardian was given the Iron Lord’s sword named the Young Wolf’s Howl and it was probably the coolest sword in all of Destiny at the time. Sure it’s perk wasn’t that original (press the heavy attack button to slam the sword on the ground causing a solar explosion that weakens enemies and causes solar damage over time) but it was what we did to earn it and the lore that was in itself that also made the weapon that much cooler. I don’t think there is any better way in Destiny 2 to earn a once powerful weapon the Iron Lords used, other than to put it in the Iron Banner as a random exotic drop upon completion, or an Iron Banner exotic quest. If a Bungie employee is reading this, I would HIGHLY suggest that you pass this information along to your team, as seeing the forums these past few weeks as a response to your TWABs.......let’s just say that people are feeling their time and money investment is not feeling appreciated since you’re sunsetting and reusing most of the gear we have earned and loved.....

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