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9/18/2020 10:27:30 PM

only 1 viable legendary machine gun once beyond light starts... what now bungie?

with sunset coming very soon, so does the limited selection of legendary machine guns and when i mean limited, i mean 9 of them and only the seventh seraph SAW will remain which is borderline ridiculous. hammerhead, avalanche, 21% delirium, fixed odds, bane of sorrow, edgewise, a fine memorial & temporal clause all goes bye bye next season. so what now bungie? not all the time i wanna use swords or RLs, i want to be diverse on my weapons pve, pvp or end game activities wise this is why sunset in general is really goddamn stupid edit: i don't even own a seventh seraph SAW.. scrapped my very first one last season and never had the chance to get another one since i didn't play much around last season

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