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9/18/2020 6:09:28 PM

Please rebalance Resilience and other stats

Why is it that if you fully spec a mobility build you will usually triumph over all the other builds in PvP? Why is that ok? Resilience and Recovery should have viable builds to combat them for all classes. I almost always see the same thing though, max mobility Hunters. Their classes make great use of Mobility and it goes super well with their bouncy jump. But why aren't the other stats buffed to balance it out? Titans have resilience and Warlocks have recovery, but they just feel worse off in PvP. Resilience needs an outright buff, it's not very useful as it is in PvP or PvE. Why not add lesser stat modifiers? High resilience could grant you better recoil control and much less flinching. Recovery is good in limited situations, but only if you can escape a firefight for long enough. High recovery could grant you a buff to ability regen and weapon stability. Mobility is already great for most classes. A minor stat buff could be for weapon handling. Not sure what else to add... it's already OP. I'm sure I'll get shredded by Hunter mains, but we need to balance the base stats a bit better. What good is resilience if it only gives me a paltry 13% extra shields? It should also give me extra armor/health when my shield gets knocked out, barring a headshot. If I have to sacrifice mobility to get resilience, make the tradeoff fair. I can't dodge the shot and auto-aim like a high mobility player might, but I should be able to eat at least a few more of their shots to make it even. Not just one, or even half of one, more shot.

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