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9/18/2020 4:48:31 AM
This is messed up. I got banned even though I wasn't cheating. I had a mod tool open for a different game before switching to d2. Thing is I didn't even get passed the character login screen when the game crashed. Then when I tried logging back in boom got hit with a account ban even though I didn't so anything to mod the d2 game itself. currently still waiting to see bungie sees my appeal to undo my ban. I wasn't trying to cheat in d2. My game history / skill is average at best. I've spent alot of time and money on this game, and being banned for a unknown reason sucks. I'm only guessing this is why I got I got banned, unsure if this is even the reason why. Not knowing why or the status of appeal literally is killing me on the inside. It was a mistake and I get that, even for having the mod tool on my pc that's not for destiny but a offline single player game is bannable offense sucks and messed up. I already removed the tool from my pc but I guess it's too late. It's messed up though that people who didn't actually cheat get banned, yet real cheaters are all over YouTube running free and come back days later. To finish I get it I broke the TOS but being banned for having a tool that's for another game and not hurting or even modified the d2 game itself is messed up

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