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9/18/2020 2:34:19 AM

Banned cheater only lost account for three days and now is back playing

Played someone in Trials on PC. Submitted video of person infinite respawning at the end of the game. (Would say their name and post the video but that would be a violation of CoC.) Two days later, notification that someone I reported got banned. (I assume it's the same person since I've only ever submitted one cheater report via the official Bungie cheater form.) Person got banned and now three days later is back playing, stomping on everyone. The person runs a lot of Trials games every weekend and is ruining tons of other peoples' experience. Bungie finds out, slap on the wrist, cheater is back in crucible doing the same junk. It's so discouraging and disappointing. I know it's on me for not accepting this sooner, but Bungie clearly doesn't care about keeping cheaters out of this game. Bungie in many ways does not seem to care about the collective Guardian experience in Crucible. There is no anticheat. It's on the community to police each other, which has gotten really bad in terms of all of us accusing or suspecting each other of cheating. All the while, like, where is Bungie in this? Writing posts on t-bagging? Reskinning guns they're sunsetting so we can regrind for basically the same weapon in two months? There's so much I think they get right and so much fun to be had. But this is super demoralizing for wanting to play. It's one thing for cheating to run rampant; that does suck but it's helpful to know there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, something might be being done to stop it. It's full on another thing, and an even worse thing to me. to acknowledge the cheating, see the cheater and affirm the cheating, and then allow it to continue with knowing the rest of us think it sucks and are being driven from the game, or at least aspects of it. Guardians are leaving this game and cheaters are rewarded with a sandbox in which to thrive and continue to have a negative, toxic influence. I just don't get it... So, anyway, rant over. Hope y'all are doing well, staying safe, and finding ways to have fun in Destiny or whatever you are playing these days.

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