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publié à l'origine sous : Beyond light isn't even close to worth 50$
9/18/2020 12:56:45 AM
Some of you bungie simps are absolutely ridiculous. Imagine actually believing a bunch of reskinned fallen is a new enemy type. People are actually saying thats new content. This is another reason why destiny never changes. Because this community is soft and just accepts whatever mediocre nonsense that bungie puts out. Its disgraceful. Bungie will NEVER achieve their original vision for this game. They are incapable of designing enough content. Its depressing to see two whole years of garbage destiny content. Will we ever get back to the Forsaken days or The Taken King? I really honestly doubt it. Imagine thinking a 50 dollar expansion with no new crucible or gambit maps with 1 new strike is worth the money. IMAGINE being that dumb.

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