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Destiny 2

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7/20/2020 2:03:18 AM

Are you more frustrated with the game or are you actually enjoying the game?





I am so triggered by how ass this games meta is. It is so pathetic they will take a eons to fix a broken meta but will turn into flash to fix a damn exploit. They dont care about the community and if they did the will show it. They nerfed all the good weapons now people are using knaw hungers and suros and moutn tops and bastions like what the -blam!- is that meta. Whoever shoots first wins, especially with the damn suros. EVERYONE I KNOW IS MORE FRUSTRATED PLAYING THIS GAME RATHER THAN HAVING FUN WHICH IS CENTER CORE OF A VIDEO GAME TO HAVE [b]FUN[/b]. Dude me and my boys got back into it because we thought destiny 2 was good but oh my god this game -blam!-ing blows with the latest nerfs, the damn ridiculous raid mechanics (which is easy but some people have a real hard time) like the game wasnt to hard before but now it is. I wanna say its not really hard but -blam!- man it gets overwhelming as -blam!-. And the lazy catalyst for outbreak prime and that puzzle sheesh dude even rick khakis couldn’t explain that bullshit correctly i had to watch someone else and you have to wait weeks to finish like what the -blam!-. What is this game dude? Wheres the direction for the sandbox of weapons its so dog shit man im mad i pre ordered this game for $100 then they make it free year later like get the -blam!- out dude.

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