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Destiny 2

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6/14/2020 5:49:21 AM

Bugs in D2 Currently that I have encountered

1. Prismatic recaster, Tier 2 first upgrade "Umbral Enhancement II" Gives around half of 500 for weekly bounties, not like 250, maybe 220? 2. I was playing a raid the other day, and the boss didnt appear, (Scourge of the past) and I had no barriers for where ad spawns are. We started the raid, I was able to phase through the boss while I was unable to see that boss. I was able to just casually walk in and out of bounds as if I was in forge mode, from Call Of Duty Black Ops. Was a easy fix from reloading my game, but still what caused this 3. Triumph for Arrival Seal, Contact:Heavy Hitters is bugged. Killing Pyro boss doesn't check him off, but instead does monstrosity.

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