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“Currant” “Cabbage” “Hare” “Rabbit”

I have posted several times here and also tweeted with no response. It has now been 10 days I believe since I can play Destiny 2. When loading into the game I often get an error code before character select this varies day to day. After character select I get a warning in the bottom of my screen stating I have a “strict” NAT type. I check my NAT on Xbox says it’s Open and good check connection it’s good check multiplayer connection everything is fine. Loading into the tower is probably the most consistent issue. Often entering the tower with no other players or vendors loaded in, I’m typically booted to orbit seeing either “cabbage” or “currant” while playing match made activities I am often loaded into an area where I can’t see enemies or fire team but they can see me and we hit a wall when exiting a zone and can’t progress. I have called my service provider then have assisted in setting up Port Forwarding using the ports listed from the Bungie Help page. Set up UPnP as well as DMZ. Also lowered fire wall and removed security to eliminate any issue that could be blocking traffic through ports with the same result as mentioned above. Two other friends of mine have the same issues both with in a mile of my home. One on Xbox and PC seeing the same issues. Myself and the other friend have both used our phones as mobile hotspots to connect to without experiencing these issues and were able to play Destiny 2 with out any issue. Additionally we have played other games without issue. These issues began last Wednesday with the update to the Felwinter Quest. I am not sure if this is related or not but we have been unable to play since( we all are hardwired but I have also tried WiFi) any help is resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. I had to use a hotspot to finish the last Grandmaster I needed to get the Conqueror seal
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