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5/28/2020 10:57:20 PM

Inertia Overrride Not Working 100%

Using inertia override is now causing the game to reload weapons that actually have ammo in them. This takes away from the want to use the mechanic and it detracts from the game-mode you are playing in multiple ways. In Crucible, sliding over a special ammo brick and then still making us perform the reload animation is almost a death sentence. Some of the more nimble-fingered Code of the Missile titans have resorted to now forcing the reload animation to break by swapping weapons quickly back and forth. Regardless of the animation still occurring or not, it makes trying to use the ability more of a nuanced action. Not only do you have to decide whether it's worth the risk to slide over ammo, besides already checking if the slide was successful you now have to also check/pay attention to stop the unnecessary reload animation or take cover if it has already started. Can this be fixed? The change to make Ballistic Slam work with Inertia Override has broken the ability consistency. Not sure if it's the game not registering the ammo is in the magazine due to Bungie extending the time (so that it would work with Ballistic Slam) but it worked before this season without it does not.

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