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4/25/2020 9:50:08 PM

Let's be honest about guardian games and PvP

The reason everyone is so ready to jump onto forums and complain about the PvP and the opposition is because it's a competitive experience that has players impacting OUR experience. Guardian games has highlighted this in terms of division among classes. The balancing for GG could not fully take into account human behaviour. The balance was so that hunters point value would lessen, to be even with titans and warlocks due to the larger population of hunters. However this is based on if every hunter was playing, but many players in all classes gave up due to boredom or acquiring the rewards but since more players play hunters, the impact is more visible. In PvP, every class has abilities that one hit which we don't mind using but hate being killed by. If used correctly all grenades, supers and melee abilities can be used to impact another player and that is the essence of strategy.🛡 Skullfort + shoulder charge may be unfair, but it can be counter with either Jotuun or a shotgun. Invisibility may be unfair, but all I can say is focus on noise and movement. Handheld nova may be unfair, but slide out of the way or kill them before it can be cast with a close shotgun or precision shots as using it puts you in the open.🏆 If the AI from PvE could complain I bet the forums would be flooded. 🤣

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