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Bungie Design team, let's talk about Titans

Titan needs a rework


Titan doesn't need a rework


Idk. Just here for the results


If you don't want to read this wall of text that's fine, just click on the youtube video link for a nice summary. TLDR: The only good thing about Titans are the exotics. Stop giving overpowered exotics and fix the class itself. The Titan class should get the warlock dawnblade treatment. Complete rework. Antaeus wards and One eyed mask. I have been a Titan main since Destiny 1. It was my favorite class in D1 didn't care to use anything else. That's enough beating around the bush. OEM was the most busted exotic in the game it made the Titan class able to compete with the 2 others, but it felt genuinely scummy. Antaeus wards makes you pretty much unkillable every other slide, again, makes the Titan class able to compete finally, but like OEM, it feels incredibly scummy. Most of us are able to agree that these exotics are way too good. With that said however, THE ONLY THING TITANS HAVE GOING FOR THEM ARE OUR BUSTED EXOTICS. The worst part about it is that I think you guys realized this finally and that's why we keep getting busted exotics. Comparatively to the other 2 classes we can't compete at base level. You take a base Hunter or warlock with no armor and just a subclass against a Titan of the same conditions, Titans are useless and uninteresting. Bring back the old fist of havoc please. There's no reason why slamming an arc strider with a direct fist of havoc doesn't kill it. Everyone misses it, so do you guys judging from the forsaken ViDoc. Just do it, Change top tree striker back into it's D1 counterpart. [u]The melee class that can't melee and the tank class that can't tank very well[/u] Titans are played up to be the tank class of the game. AWESOME! Except the armor stat is pretty much useless. Atleast we get overshields to play up the tank archetype right? Only 1 overshield out of the 9 subclasses. That in itself is almost laughable. Devour for warlocks can heal on ANY kill which makes for great tanking (That's funny to me) and an exotic that makes melee kills regen health (This one hurts a little). On the topic of melee abilities. We got 1 shoulder charge per element (Which I think shoulder charge is useless when shotguns are so prominent) which is a trash ability in PvP shotgun meta and in PvE. Can set people on fire, 1 overshield, can reload your weapon, and a hammer where you have to kill 2 other people with abilities to even maybe one shot someone with it. on the topic of melee abilities. Hunters got throwing knives on all solar sublcasses, one that can one shot, smoke bombs that can do damage, turn you invisible AND grant armor, recovery, and agility buffs. Smoke bombs also blind and disorient. Arc subclass they have disorienting blow (why is that not a titan melee?), Combination blow which increases melee damage and range on hit with 3 stacks (we literally need an exotic for that and the damage is only when we are "surrounded") and ebb and flow. Oh yeah did I mention you can instantly get your melee back by dodging? don't get me started on liars handshake.............Like worm guard but with much less setup......sigh Let's see warlocks have the best melee range by default now. On the arc classes they have even more extended range, they can literally throw their melee, chain lightning melee (Do I need to say it again?) and a melee that reduces all of their cooldowns including super. Devour melee for health regen (and grenade), top tree void melee which reduces the cooldown of your grenade, and void kills in general reduce ability cooldown. Oh yeah don't forget they can shoot fire balls out of their hands now. Gotta love the space magic! So cool. Titan's turn. Frontal assualt is probably the best. Ballistic slam should either have a damage or range increase. Shoulder shoulder charge. Useless in a shotgun meta and only useful against low tier enemies that you can one shot anyway. Explosion void melee which sucks, got our one and only overshield and another shoulder charge with worst tracking than it's arc coutnerpart. They added a suppression to it but good luck shoulder charging any roaming super in this game. Another shoulder charge, a solar explosion melee (yeah...) and a hammer that doesn't do crit damage and you need to stack roaring flames x3 to even one hit anyone...MAYBE. If only "the melee punchy punchy" class had some melee cooldown too. Do I have your attention yet? [u]The archetypes and power fantasy[/u] Hunters are pushed to be more agile through their double jump ability and dodge and overall incentivizing the agility stat. Double jump being the fastest jump in the game while having the fastest reset while in midair to allow you to shoot in between jumps. Titans on the other hand cannot fire our weapon while using lift. Warlocks of course just got elevated to the most agile in air character, which is fine as it should be. This game is all about fulfilling the fantasy character archetypes right? *Insert nervous sarcastic chuckling* Hunter dodge is the best disengage tool in the game. more mobility yayyy. Intrisic movement speed buffs built into the subclasses (Arc strider and shadowshot subclasses) and a whole heap of exotics to increase sprint and movement speeds. While the agility stat directly feeds into jump height, movement and slide distance. Again, I'm fine with this. It's how it should be. Throwin knives and flaming one shot pistols. Perfect for a space cow boy. Invisibility and smoke grenades, NINJAS!! Staffs with lightning...Space monk? either way badass Warlocks got lots of healing in the nova bomb skill tree and novawarp. Of course they are pushed towards recovery as a result while things like healing riff plays into that further. Along with exotics that play into that aswell karenstein and nezarcs sin to name a couple. Cool badass grenade consumption, arc soul summons and other things to play into that space wizard archetype. Flying through the air like an angel of death armed with a sword of heavenly destruction. Stealing your enemy's life force and creating a giant bomb out of thin air. Creating lightning with your fingertips. Badass space mage comes through very clearly even in the neutral. They can even summon an arc soul that follows them around and shoots stuff!!! How cool is that?! Titans are pushed towards armor...because we all know what a useful stat that is. You barely notice a difference at all, and numerically after 5 resilience there isn't worth it anyway. Off the rip you're pushed into a useless stat. Atleast we have a barricade...that just got nerfed. Barricades are good tho in trials. But trials JUST came back so that can hardly be used as an excuse. Nothing more to say about that, the wall just sits there. forcing us to put points in an almost useless stat to get our class ability faster is pretty dumb. Fist of Havoc should be the ultimate close quarters damage dealing super, except arc strider beats it 8/10 times. The initial slam doesn't even kill an arc strider (Who's the tank class again?) and they can easily attack 3 times and kill you while you recover. BRING BACK THE OLD FIST OF HAVOC PLEASE. We aren't tanky in our neutral and we aren't even all that tanky in our supers. what's the goal with the Titan class? I wanna be space warrior who isn't particularly interesting until they super.

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