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Modifié par majorglory11 : 4/6/2020 1:38:43 AM

Titans need a buff. All subclasses.

I have been playing Destiny since the Alpha. I have seen every nerf to Titans. From the nerf to armor after popping Hammers in D1. The nerf to the homing accuracy of throwing hammers in D1. To now the nerf of targeting accuracy of shoulder charge and the indirect nerf of making our barricade's cool down scale off of resilience. (Let's be real. Resilance is something every guardian should want but can't budget for because literally every other stat is more desirable rightly or wrongly. Just make it it's open separate thing and give players something else in it's place) The base kit of all sub-classes for Titans are lackluster. Let's count them off: Sentinels: Top tree: Defensive strike is a panic perk if an enemy gets too close. The overshield doesn't have enough health in pvp because you're already weak when it becomes active making you slightly less killable and you aren't going to continue to melee anyway making the extra melee kills after the fact to make the extra perks usable. PvE is the same especially in pinnacle content. Rallying force is the same as above. If it was instant, sure. Maybe. Turn the tide suffers the same as above. If my overshield lasted longer because it had more hp would be one thing, if it had more hp and a longer time limit it would be better. Ward of Dawn is fine. Don't touch it. Middle Tree: Banner shield is fine. Tactical strike causes a "void explosion" which is a nice way to say "after some time your melee causes more than usual damage" which is pretty lame considering other classes have, generally, something extra that takes place in the exchange. I don't actually notice any "explosion" either. Controlled demolition is great. But the perk is contingent on dealing damage to make the detonator explode. It should do it on it's own after a certain amount of time and dealing damage makes it explode early. Resupply let's us regain health, melee, and grenade energy when they detonators explode. This is cool, but health. When are we guardians never not high health? It's a nice passive but not sexy at all. Bottom Tree: Shield bash disorients and suppresses. Suppression is a nice buff, but I'm not likely to survive the encounter versus a guardian using their super and it's a one hit kill for a guardian not in that state. And surpression and disorient don't affect enemies that are extremely lethal. Superior arsenal is another non sexy perk. Grenade kills recharge grenade energy. Grenades don't one shot guardians and in a fireteam, good luck getting a kill with with two other guardians shooting everything. Especially with a suppressor grenade our magnetic. And the amount of energy returned is paltry. Give us two grenades that we throw at the same time to cover a wider area. In the trenches is a nice perk but also not sexy because the game is designed to be played with our guardians at a distance from the enemy and there isn't support for this play style in the subclass anyway. Second shield is great in theory, but it should behave like when grenadier is active. Also superior arsenal should make the shield fly through the air faster for a little extra sauce. Strikers: Top Tree: Seismic strike is perfect. Don't touch it. Aftershocks is appreciated but really not sexy. If the shoulder charge doesn't kill, it should let the next melee act like a mini tractor cannon and punt the enemy for potential environment damage. Magnitude is fine. It's not bad. Not great. Maybe let us cook pulse and flashbangs. Terminal velocity is okay in theory, but I'm order to use it Titans need to be highly exposed to get the largest effect. Maybe if the initial height during activation was high the damage would just carry over the subsequent ground slams. Middle Tree: Thundercrash is great. It would be better if the area of effect just kept growing after impact equivalent to the amount of time we were in the air to reward skillful use of the ability. Ballistic slam is fine. Don't touch it. Impact conversion is good now. Thanks. Inertia override is okay. The tool kit for middle tree is all dependant on ballistic slam. Without the exotic "An Insurmountable Skullfort" the subclass just dies. There needs to be forgiveness in missing/not killing an enemy to keep the synergy going. Bottom Tree: Frontal assault is a last line of defense type of buff. It's not something a Titan should be actively doing unless he wants to die. Maybe if it have Titans a "combat roll" or something to melee or get out of harms way after going for a melee to reload and chance dying. Reversal is cool, but it is health, again, instead of recharging shields or granting an overshield. Knockout is also unrewarding because of the chance Titans have to take to melee an enemy on purpose and not because there enemy got too close. It's just a perk that takes no thought and happens because of circumstance. Trample is great. Don't touch it Sunbreaker: Top Tree: Hammer strike is fine. Tempered metal is one of those perks that no one notices generally and doesn't credit. I've never heard anyone say, "Thank goodness Tempered Metal was active!" Thanks, I guess. Explosive Pyre and Vulcan's Rage have to be tackled together. This should be one perk. The enemy explodes on kill and the hammer explodes regardless. It feels like they were separated to make more perks. Make the last perk have homing hammers and make the subclass right again. Middle Tree: Throwing hammer is kinda cumbersome. Sometimes when you want the hammer but you're too close. Other times it's the opposite. Let us ready the hammer by holding down the key/trigger like a bow so we get the functionality we want. Roaring flames should be baked into Burning Maul. No one is seriously throwing their hammer all the time in pinnacle content. Tireless warrior should be baked into throwing hammer. If Titans are going to pick-up the hammer anyway, just give us the perk with the hammer. Burning Maul is great. Don't touch it. Bottom Tree: Mortar blast could be more blasting. Let it make a sunspot regardless. Sol Invictus... once again, health? Sunspots are great. Sun warrior is great. Endless siege is great. This is perhaps the most realized of all nine subclasses. If you've read this far, thank you. I love my Titan. Compared to the versatility of Warlocks and Hunters, I feel like Titans are way outclassed. We need some love in a bad way.

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