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Modifié par THERAPTORKING54 : 3/25/2020 10:52:51 PM

Exotic (some) titans want

ok so something titans have wanted since forsaken and the middle solar tree was added was the ability to call the throwing hammer back to you and as such im proposing the following exotic gauntlets for the titan class ok so im gonna say this if you down vote please tell me why, i like to think that talking about this stuff is a good idea as new ideas are formed, and i can change the post to be more realistic Name: xxxx perk: - holding melee calls the throwing hammer back to the player (tossing up whether player should have line of sight) - while melee energy is charged melee attack is replaced by a swing of the hammer (stacks 0.25X with roaring flame so only has 1 quarter of the roaring flames buff) - kills with throwing hammer grants perk grave robber (if gun has grave robber perk overflows the mag from reserves) {\|/thoughts and suggestions in the comments\|/} -thx RK54

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