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Qu'est-ce qui pourrait être amélioré dans l'application Compagnon ?
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TWAB Traditional Chinese localization misinformation

Dear Bungie, In the latest TWAB BUNGIE FOUNDATION UPDATE section, you shared about Bungie's help to COVID-19 pandemic. However in the Chinese version of TWAB, COVID-19 was translated as [quote]武漢肺炎[/quote] which means Wuhan Pneumonia. This is inappropariate since it has already got an official name COVID-19 or Coronavirus. ( This is also a concerning signal of how misleading the Chinese localization always were. Hope it could be fixed asap. Thank you. Edit: Here is a link to CDC China : Its official Chinese name is 新型冠状病毒肺炎 I appreciate Bungie for all the effort they do to keep their employees safe. However the readers who only understand Chinese may be mislead to think that this is Bungie's original choice of word and feel offended so that's what I am worrying about. I don't know who is responsible for the localization but it's really unprofessional. Edit 2 : Hey I'm posting here just to remind Bungie the Chinese translation may not be what they mean. I don't mind if you have any political views and you can share your opinions for sure. Edit 3: Wow, the Chinese version has been corrected ! Kudos to Bungie for listening ! And thanks to those who support :)

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