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2/7/2020 8:47:50 AM

Lagg / distorted/ delay sound

So lately, maybe past 1-2 two weeks back I've started to experience a horrible sound issue when playing destiny. It seem to happen when there is much going on in game and mostly pvp. The sound starts to crackle at starts end ends up in pure white noise almost and sometimes it's just 1-2 sec a delay between the sound and the what's happening in game. When playing Borderlands 3 I don't have this issue. The only game I've experienced this issue before is in Anthem where it's a well known issue during graphic heavy battles. I'm using a 6 month old controller with a steelseries arctic wired headphones. My ps4 is a first gen but I've upgraded to a SSD. I'm not sure its an hardware issue but since it's when playing destiny its exclusively prominent (Anthem has fixed this) I need to put it out there. Thanks

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