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1/30/2020 5:26:13 AM

BUG? LINE IN THE SAND - Linear Fusion Rifle, shooting @ range not always registering shots.

Anybody else experiencing shooting at an enemy and not damaging it with "Line in the Sand"? Sometimes the enemy will regen the HP lost from the shot taken. I can also simulate this in the tribute hall when shooting the ogre at the back from the callus statue. It will damage the ogre but then it will suddenly regen the lost HP again. I'm using the "firing line" "rapid hit" version of the weapon. I find this issue persisting on other instances also like the Garden of salvation Cyclops'es spawning at the end boss. Shooting them at that range from the relay stations will do nothing. @Bungie can look into this and fix it, please. The "Line in the sand" is very nice for me.

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