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Modifié par DragonWithin : 1/20/2020 4:21:30 PM

Cheater Carrying Players in Competative PVP

Just had a friendly encounter with a Player in PVP. We came into the comp match and he instantly (maybe after 4 seconds of being in the match) castet his super. From there on out this player would literally spam supers over and over, staying IN SUPER for the whole game without it ever running out, and if so for maybe just a second or two where we managed to kill him a few times. His super energy was capped at 100% and i am more then 1000% sure this player was cheating. The two other players on his side of the competative match were PREMATES (on inspecting game lobby you could see there was a clip around there names) and mostly were afk or moved around the map once in a while , which lets me strongly suspect that he was carrying them through the competative ladder either to aquire a title or weapons like not forgotten etc. Please have a look into it Bungie and issue a ban, i was in this game with two clanmates of mine and there was literally not a single time in this game we were not killed by a super from this guy.

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