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1/7/2020 3:14:07 AM

This is out of hand New Light players on PC don't care.

I just got DDOS'd in Mayhem on PC WHAT IS GOING ON so weasel you get when you get hit? This sucks. Weasel well I went offline the entire house now weasel is my fault? Please Explain you want me to tear a whole in the side of my house and go directly to the telephone poll? I'm bringing this to your attention only trolls in hear I pity them honestly. However this is an issue. [url][/url] [u]PvP Matches 5,424 / Time Played 783 hours [/u] [u]PvE Matches 11,930 Time Played 3382 hours [/u] I have played this game too much, there has been an extremely negative change. [b][/b] [b][/b]

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