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12/20/2019 9:24:29 AM

Distribution and Dynamo mods not working on Titan

I have noticed that the Distribution and Dynamo mod on my Titan Mark (Dreambane Mark, if that matters) do not work. My stats are as follows: Resilience: 100 - barricade cool down :14 Discipline: 48 - grenade cool down 1:08 Intellect: 40 - super cool down 4:45 Strength: 47 - melee cool down 1:08 I have run several test with both mods together, by themselves, with each subclass, on different planets and with enemies present, the cool downs listed above are not effected even while activating my barricade every 14 seconds for the duration of the tests. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended, but seems like a pretty big issue as my friend on his warlock says that they work for him. Does anyone have any personal experience with this or suggestions on what might be the problem? Thanks in advance.

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