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12/27/2019 12:51:43 AM

So... is my grind useless now?

So i know its not much but i was light level 500 and somewhat but now im level 750. I even threy out old exotics to get higher light level weapons. Is it useless now that im 750? Now that every new player is 750 does it mean that i start over at level “0” as if i was a new player? I would much rather grind up to 750 to play the shadowkeep dlc rather than to get it given to me. Is the sense of starting from 0 to 900 gone? Its all really confusing for me as a returning player after a year and seeing that i got buffed but only to find out that its the starting level. 😢 I need to be put back on the rails and get going and play this game but i need to figure this out before i can play. Please help. 🤒

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