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12/9/2019 4:07:55 AM

PVP "Lust" recruiting (PC)

Hey guys we host daily scrims and compete in community tournaments. Group of highly skilled pvp players who look to improve and compete at the highest level. Above all were friends. DM us for more! Our admin discords for info and discord invites are: eko#8883 SlyWiener#7826 We DONT ACCEPT REQUESTS WITHOUT TRYOUTS, basically how this works is will have you join pick ups scrims, play a few series then we will evaluate you off of your game play there, how your personality is, your skill, your coms, all of it. Try your best these guys in here are GOOD PvP players. We will keep you tryout for about 2 weeks preferably sometimes you get in right away depending on your game play. Join the discord voice as much as you can we don't just run scrims but that is a majority of our time, Talk to us, play with us, one of the main things about being apart of the clan is being active.Right now we had some big changes to the clan recently and are member count is a bit low but don't let that fool you, we still have a lot of friends of the clan who still play in scrims. Don't worry though we like to troll and joke a lot but ABSOLUTLEY everyone in here is very friendly so have fun!

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