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12/4/2019 12:06:13 AM

Excellent PVP Copypasta

This reminds me of JA DESTINY hahahaha I play every day a few round comp but somehow I always come only losser team have never come over 800 points and have the game since you could pre-order as I said would like the recluse spider but because so for solo players so well how impossible is this to ask me what sadistic man has thought up the best PVE weapons behind a PVP wall with points deduction at loses to park I do not want to play against other players which makes the whole thing for me much worse any monster to shoot okay but if there is a real person sitting on the quasi I shoot! All this just to get the best weapon in the game for the so beloved PVE part is great shit in destiny 2! I think even if I play 500 round comp games now, I still will not have the hermit spider! and how much time should I put in there so the effort and the time it is not worth it but since you need the weapons so yes you can nowhere with because you do not have the weapons! So I continue to play every day a bit more rain every 2-3 players on the opposite side as a cheater because I do not understand how a KD have over 10 and our team does not exceed 0.35! and that just borders many players of the beautiful raids and that's shit in such a game if you are not allowed to because you do not have the weapons and all because of the shitty COMP MODE nobody wants to play or only cheater, glitcher and hacker play ! It is so even money to get the weapon and I do not pay anyone 50-100 ¬ for that I get the weapon! !!!!! CONCLUSION: NO REAL PVE player wants to play PVP in an online LOT grinder game to have the best PVE weapons! or do you have to do that in diablo 3 too? no, there is no PVP why? but in destiny 1 and 2 already? how so ? this is a PVE game and the PVP mudus is the worst in the whole gaming industry totally unbalanced! I think I speak here for many pure PVE gamers the PVP in the current form do not need and want in the game! I also do not have a sharp weapon from the PVP mode! since all are tied to comp what the total shit is in your game

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