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Recrutement des clans

À la recherche de clans, ou de nouveaux membres pour le vôtre.
11/20/2019 3:36:11 PM

(TKC) The Knight's Circle is Recruiting New Light & Old Light Players! Become a Knight of the Light!

Currently we are recruiting to increase the amount of players online for certain activities such as Exotic Missions, PvE, PvP, Raids, and much more! Most our players are down to help with anything you might need help with including Glory comp grinding. But keep in mind your not the only one with missions so don't expect help right when you ask for it. Sometimes time zone constrictions cause problems with availability. You must play and talk to us in a party before we decide if your a good fit for our clan of misfits. And we very much frown upon Clan hoppers so if you are one do not waste our time. Clan Profile Link: Comment here, or message me directly for more info or if you are interested in joining. Become a Knight of the Light today!

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