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11/18/2019 10:08:51 PM

Ps4 looking for actives for endgame activities, raids, comp, discord

[b]Royal Flu§h 2 Clans Non toxic Ps4 clan lvl 6 18+ North America based[/b] [u]Please upvote post, comment and join our discord chat. We recently filtered out inactive players from the clan and are looking for players that will be active in discord with the rest of us.[/u] Link to discord chat We are a adult endgame raiding clan that also does clan pvp tournaments, season of the undying content and the new gos raid. We use discord to communicate with eachother to set up groups for raids or pvp, it's a great matchmaking tool and people are always on playing that can party up, or use it to just talk strats share content or shoot the shit with everyone. We kick after a month of inactivity, please ask for a clan invite in discord if you have been or let me know if you're taking a break to play something or when life happens. Link to clan 1 Link to clan 2

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