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11/19/2019 12:53:48 PM

The Light Sabres - New start up UK based clan (recruitment for PS4)

For UK based players who foam at the mouth for all things PvE and PvP in the Destiny universe. Non sweaty people who just want to play and have fun. No clan politics, no whiny kids, no ragers and absolutely no d**kheads allowed. If this is you, then request to join or accept our invite. Cheers, chums. Light Sabres has a community clan page on PSN (look for Light Sabres) where gaming events at specific dates and times can be posted for clan members to sign up for. Please post clan chat messages only through the destiny app, this way, people will not have constant notifications popping up on their playstations, or just chat to people in a chat party. No need to have Discord, Band or a PhD to just talk to fellow clan mates.
#Clans #PvP #PS4 #pve

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