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Please Bungie, nerf the Erentil FR4 (PvP)

EDIT: STOP with childish behavior, spreading hate and calling people trash in this thread, alright? Show that we can have a mature discussion about this topic. If you think differently, NO PROBLEM, but don't hate on others because of it. By the way, If you have proof that the Erentil is not overpowered please show statistics on it (user percentage does not show anything..). Hello there, As of recently, I've come across a rising number of players using the very strong and overpowered fusion rifle Erentil FR4. The weapon clearly needs a nerf ASAP since it totally destroys the fun in playing PvP. I know I'm not the only one that's upset about it but we still haven't heard anything about bringing this particular archetype of fusion rifles down a bit. It doesn't have to be a big nerf, just decrease range by 15-20% or something like that. If you agree with me and wish to see these fusions get a nerf, please upvote it so Bungie sees it, thanks.

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