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11/12/2019 2:20:17 AM

[PC][NA] Hardcore player looking for a hardcore PvE clan

Hi, I am looking for a clan that is mainly focused on Destiny and Endgame PvE things like low man raids, flawless raids, and to go for world first when a new raid releases. I raid all the time during the week and I am tired of LFG teams panicking and yelling in a raid when one little mishap happens instead of just adapting and moving on with the encounter. I do some PvP stuff but mostly just ritual weapons and iron banner for pinnacle gear. [quote]Note I am not looking to join a casual or one of those 500+ members or multi clans because that is just an LFG.[/quote] Below is my steam ID so you can raid report me if you would like. Steam ID: 76561198064521392

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