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10/24/2019 7:40:12 AM

Make 'New Light' optional

Returning D1 & 2 vet here. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of New Light. I get that it is to help bring new players up to speed to help them dive in to the post game activities, and to let long time players skip all the things they have done a thousand times before and get straight to the good stuff, BUT - To start off, it throws you straight into an open world with minimal direction. For a new player that can be pretty overwhelming. I've had a few friends playing for the first time tell me they just couldn't get into it as it just seemed too directionless. Everything is already unlocked and you can pretty much do as you please. That's great for people who know what they are doing and want to jump straight in, but for a lot of people it kills half the charm and fun of the game. So many people love exploring and unlocking things at their own pace. It also makes the content more fun and exciting, instead of just motions they have to go through to tick something off on their Triumph list. Me personally, I'm playing a fresh account and slowly chipping through the story for the nostalgia trip, but it feels way too easy. Everything is rushed - light level, weapon and armour drops, heck the first thing I did was a strike before any missions as Zavala gave me a quest for it and I got 2 legendary drops. For someone new that would be quite confusing. I get Shadowkeep is where the game is now, but there is so much decent content in the previous expansions that is just such a waste to rush through, or skip entirely. Please make the 'New Light' method an option. Let people jump in fresh if they still wish to do so. Let them have that excitement of unlocking a new area or part of the story bit by bit. That's where the original charm of Destiny is.

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