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3.0 Armor Mod Sets Access Idea.

Hi, Bungie I appreciate what was done with the Armor Mods allowing players to make the builds they want instead of trying to get armor to roll a certain way. But there is the inconvenience of having to swap my mods around for all of my Armor when I’m switching from PVP to PVE. Which takes a lot and sometimes goes through a lot of glimmer I don’t necessarily have or I forget my exact builds. My Eureka: Have two separate mod slot sets . One set only activates for PVE activities and the other set would activates for (Crucible) PvP. Resembling what I photoshopped in the photo below. This could save players frustration and time. Maybe a drop down menu or rotation button so you can swap between the two sets/builds to edit them. -Thanks in advanced to all the guardians reading this. -Kyd Tut

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