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10/13/2019 1:36:03 PM

The Bloodline of Sorrow [XBOX] [DISCORD]

The Bloodline of Sorrow is seeking guardians Who are we? We’re an active group of guardians that specialize in all this game has to offer. Raids? Check. Competitive? Check. Iron banner? Mega check. Gambit and gambit prime? Check. You name it, we do it, so there’s not a shortage of things to do when you’re with us. Rules Now for the boring part of the post, we do have some rules, this is to prevent chaos among the ranks. With that being said, here’s the list: 1. Be cool: we’re here to help each other, and to have fun. Banter is welcome, we like to joke amongst ourselves. With that said there is a fine line. 2. Be active: We like to play a few times a week, some people even more. Don’t let this discourage you though, we understand that life can take priority over games, we only ask that you give a heads up if such an event occurs. 3. Return the favor: By this we mean if you receive help then give help back, remember this clan is your clan, be a good part of the community. 4. Have a discord account: we don’t use the bungie app for matchmaking we do all of that in our discord server. Here we set up raids, fireteams for crucible/ Iron banner, and fireteams for gambit/gambit prime. If you decide to join up, we will send you an invite to the server through the bungie app.   How do I join? Now if we haven’t lost you, and you are still interested in joining send out an application, reply to this post, or message the founder and/or an admin. From there we’ll send you a discord invite. Hope to see you around.

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