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10/12/2019 4:17:24 PM

Prodigous ps4 recruitment.

Clan Prodigious is a dedicated group of guardians looking for new Raiders to join us. We are a clan that strives to provide a space where you can game with mature and skilled members who are like minded and motivated to being a positive force to each other and within the Destiny Community We are a High End PvE clan who focuses on EndGame content and excels in Raiding. Whether it is just running for Triumphs or Competing for Worlds First we are always looking for guardians to join us. We are looking for players who are mature, cool headed, and who are dedicated to our shared goals. We are looking for gamers who are willing to listen and learn. We want players who wanna continue to improve in the game, and learn how to play at a high lvl. We are willing to teach players that are committed to Destiny, and we look forward to helping you grow. We expect everyone to help their fellow clanmates and to help outside our tag as well. Above all we demand respect for our members and we don't tolerate any type of hate or vulgarity. In return you will find a group of mature players who will help you achieve your goals along with ours. our most popular playing times align with US Eastern and Central Times. Understandably, we are looking for 18+.

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