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8/30/2019 3:40:43 PM

PC/NA/EU Recruitment for PRΞCINCT XIII (Formally Known as DΞΔΤΗ BY ΤΔΧΞS). Looking for Competitive PvP Guardians willing to do Scrims and Tournaments. Also in Search of a Few PvE Sherpas.

Hello Guardians, My Name is Hector Sanchez but I go by Xenon WJ23. I am a full-time Law Enforcement Officer and the Clan Leader for PRΞCINCT XIII (Formally Known as DΞΔΤΗ BY ΤΔΧΞS). I am currently looking for some Active & Competitive PvP Guardians wanting to do Scrims and Tournaments. We will be facing against well-known clans as iAM, BSK, Primal, SoaR, Encore, MATH Class, etc. So if you think you have what it takes to do battle in the Crucible against top Tier Teams or want to further hone your PvP skills, then come join our Discord ( ), Send a Request To Join via the following link ( ) and show us what you got. Requirements: - PC Only (Console if you will be coming to PC with Cross-Save) - Discord Desktop App (with a mic) - English Chat Primarily - Be Active and Play the Game Regularly - At Least 1 Guardian at 700+ Light Level (Iron Banner) - Expected to USE and be Active in the DISCORD We also have some spots open for Active Veteran PvE players wanting to coordinate Raids, Sherpa, & other activities in that division. Join the discord and ask and Clan Sgt or The Captain for more info. How to Join: - Upvote this Post - Apply to Clan, But Leave Old Clan First ( ) - Join the Discord ( ) - When in the Discord, Make your way to Role Request - Leave Your BattleNet, Steam ID, & What Role you Want (PvP or PvE) - Wait for Admin or Mod to Contact You I look forward to meeting and playing with you all and if you are not looking for a clan momentarily, Join the Discord anyways to meet new people and hone your skills. See you Starside Guardians. Funny Clip...…/clip/HonorableCulturedGuanacoMingLee Here are a few Scrim Matches against Legendz, Sir Demitrious, & Sidewinder. (WARNING!!!), We got our Cheeks Clapped, LOL

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