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12/20/2017 4:18:57 PM
Y'know, there are three kinds of DLC I'd expect for the one after the upcoming one (the one that will launch D2 into Year 2). 1. A Vex themed Year 2. I know people might be sick of the Vex right now, but it'd be the same formula as D1, Hive to Fallen and back to Hive. However, the difference is that this should be an ATTACK. I don't want this DLC to be us defending against some impending doom. This DLC should consist of us, maybe the help of Rasputin, if that's how the next DLC goes, and Osiris finding a way to travel back to where the Vex began in time and end them once and for all. I think the only way to truly end the Vex is to find the one point in all of the eternities that they exist (bit of Vex lore there) in one place and end them THERE. I think that'd be a great launch into Y2, and then after defeating them, get FLOORED by the darkness. That feeling of triumph instantly destroyed in the face of that ultimate force. Have the next DLC be Calus teaching us his powers, and how to use them against the darkness. Darkness kills Calus at some point, but not before Calus deals some serious damage to the Darkness, leaving a weak point. DLC after that, we join forces with the Fallen (an alliance that has long been building), and finish the darkness (or sending it away, at least). 2. Year 2 Savathuun. I'd prefer that they didn't go this route, as I think it'd be almost a carbon copy of TTK, given who Savathuun is. However, I still think it'd be a fun idea, maybe one where we end the Hive, or strike at the darkness THROUGH the Taken. Just like in my other idea, I think a race should be stopped or destroyed in Y2, simply because we could have that moment of triumph before we're kicked down 15 notches by the darkness. I know it's not that powerful feeling everyone wants, but the darkness should decimate us when we first meet it. We would find Eris Morn in this one, I think, or she would come back to us, or maybe the Queen would come back to the Reef and tell us of the Hive threat, whatever they choose. We go to combat her, and we end up doing the same thing that we did last time, go to the Ascendant realm to fight her in a raid. However, Savathuun would have a much different raid. Where Oryx was militaristic and flat out powerful, Savathuun is a trickster. Think Loki and Thor. Savathuun could challenge us in much different ways then us simply killing lieutenants (Golgoroth, Sisters, Warpriest). After defeating her, we take the power of the Ascendant realm for ourselves, and go seek out Calus in order to combine our powers to defeat the darkness. 3. Straight to Splenda Daddy Calus. I think this could be another beneficial route, though I know everyone's probably sick of the Cabal. Think though, this DLC could be about us learning to use his power (new subclass?) and harnessing it to strike out first blow against the darkness in the campaign, a real blow against it, but then it strikes back and decimates the Last City. Maybe the raid could set up a Fallen alliance? We fight Savathuun, who had finally come, but this time the Fallen help, as they're threatened as well. Just my two cents.

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