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Suggestion: Dynamic bounty rewards

This is something I've been pondering awhile, so apologies if someone else has brought it up before. One of the big problems with the rotating bounties, is that some are easy to do, like kill 10 hive for 5k reward, and some are painful to do, like kill 2 or more enemies with a single super. Im sure when rewards were developed, bungie thought the system was balanced and the exp gained were comparable to effort involved. However, we all know that isnt true and most players will learn to pick bounties that are easy effort for rewards. So some bounties get done heaps, and others languish in the "not worth it pile". I think a better system would be if the rewards themselves were dynamic based on completion rates. That is, bounties done heaps will shrink in value and bounties that are usually thought of as not worth the effort would grow in value until more did them. A "floating" economy of rewards would eventually find its own value of worth, and ALL the bounties would become worthwhile and we would have reasons to actually run them. It might take a little toying around with how bounties grow/shrink in value according to hand-in rates, but its something I think would make the system more fun and possibly, more realistic. Or wouldnt anyone want their favorite "easy exp" bounties diminishing ?

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