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Curse of the Defiant [BuRn]

"The darkest flames burn the Brightest"

Welcome to Curse of the Defiant.
We're a casual group of adult players who usually play between 05:00 PM and 03:00 AM (All UTC time). Our average age is 40. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred.

We play both PVE and PVP activities. Clan members are supportive and friendly.

All clan members must sign up and join our official page here:

Once you sign-up, our page will help you to create/join different games planned throughout all the week (Raids, quests, crucible, trials, etc.)

Our clan has a code and it is simple:
1. Respect your group/clan mates.
2. Interact actively in the group/clan.
3. Be punctual for any session you create or join.If you can't make a game for whatever reason, alert the game creator.
4. Be honest about experience level - Everyone can support you.
5. Inactive members will be removed if remain inactive for more than 60 days.
6. If you decide to leave the clan, there is no return.

  • Approbation requise

    L'adhésion doit être approuvée.
  • 43 membres

  • Créé le April 11, 2015

Progression de la saison

Les clans permettent de déverrouiller des améliorations de personnages et des récompenses en atteignant les niveaux supérieurs. Plus le clan est actif, plus le niveau du clan est élevé.

Niveau du clan


100000 Contribution au clan cette semaine

Score d'allégeance au serment

Lors des Parties guidées, respecter le serment des Gardiens et terminer des activités aident à améliorer le score d'allégeance au serment.

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