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Bungie User Research Your Voice, Your Game

Thank you for volunteering to participate in research at Bungie! We want feedback from everyone who plays games -- whether you're new to games or a lifelong gamer, casual or hardcore, whether you play for fun or play to win. If you play games, we'd like to hear from you!

In this short sign-up survey, we will collect some information to help us understand a little about you and your gaming interests. We'll use this information to contact you when we have a study that is a good match for you.

Please note that participating in this survey will automatically opt you in to receive Bungie emails. Should you no longer wish to receive emails from Bungie, you can change this setting at any time in your profile (but note that we will no longer be able to contact you to invite you to participate in research if you opt out).

Thank you,
Bungie User Research

Complete this survey to indicate your interest in participating in our user research programs.

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  • Gaming History

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