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"We will Stand Together, Conquer our Destiny and Become Legend"

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    Home of Clan ELD, The Guardian Elders are a mature group of guardians that love to work together making the universe safe for all. All with a desire to work together and above all HAVE FUN are welcome regardless of age or skill level and treat everyone with respect, All Consoles are welcome here and we are well represented.We are very friendly and willing to help our fellow Elders out, looking to create a core group of guardians to become Legend with.If you think you might be interested in joining our little band please message myself with the reason you want to join us as well as the console you are on. The Battle field is one full of many dark presences, but our light will shine brighter and eliminate all that stand in our way. Everyone has skills that will benefit our Fireteams and as long as you are committed and have fun we will be right there backing you up! We will stand together, conquer our Destiny and Become Legend. Welcome My friends. your Founder DirtyDeeedz

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publicado originalmente en:Guardian Elders
4/22/2014 11:26:02 PM

Communicating with NPCs

RPG style conversation trees


Proximity cued and scripted cut scenes


Proximity cued dialogue


Random NPC dialogue


Bungie's own unique dialogue options


Other (please explain in comment)


Don't care about depth of NPC interaction


We know there will be NPCs within the city and possibly in other areas outside of the city. I guess I'm wondering how this interaction will take place between yourself and NPCs. I don't think this information has been released so I'm wondering how the community thinks interaction will be. RPG style conversations? Proximity cued and scripted cut scenes? Proximity cued dialogue that offers side missions? Bungie's own unique dialogue options? What type of interaction are you looking for when communicating with NPCs? Thanks for taking the time to read. ~ Guardian

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