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    A place for anyone and everyone who loves, creates, or follows art here on Come and share your own art or comment on others. Lets inspire each other! Painters, writers, musicians, photographers, all artists are welcome! Please read the Guidelines before posting.

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Editado por Cal Carlson: 7/9/2013 8:00:32 PM

Art Project #3 : Illustrate the broken cities of Destiny .

Prepare yourselves, it's about time that we get some more creative inspiration. Lets get thinking of all the different cities of our solar system that have been destroyed or abandoned. We have seen many different cities from those on Mars, Earth, and Venus. We have seen select views of what the moon cities of Europa look like as well. There is definitely a great amount of source material out there. I've created an album of some of the destroyed and abandoned cities that we've seen so far, feel free to browse it and gain some inspiration. [url][/url] There are no limits, create whatever inspires you to explore the vast unknowns of the broken civilizations of Destiny. Post your piece as a comment below when you're finished. Post as many times as you'd like. Good luck Be Brave Seventh Column

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