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    ****With the clan functionality being changed drastically over the coming weeks leading into D2, we are transitioning to discord chat servers to ensure we lose contact with as few of our members at possible. Please join, and complete the role assignment instructions. I look forward to seeing you all there. Terror Australis - Australian Destiny clan - All platforms. We stand for beers, laughs and a good time for all. Oh, and Terror... If you are new here, please have a look at our Code of Conduct prior to posting:

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TA greatest moments

This is a post for everyone to post their greatest destiny moments to sharw with the clan. Basically reply to this with your amazing moment and if its good enought it will be added to the hall of fame. 1: shot for death raids Memebers (Keg, Tow3r, Sloth, Log, COG and myself) 2: unbroken by COG when smashed after said drunk raids 3: TA echinda's making 14 people on the opposite side quit and limiting them to under 1000 points in rift Feel free to post your monents ☺

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