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Editado por EchoSplinter: 5/2/2020 12:10:02 AM

[NA/PC] looking for a clan that is active in raids and endgame content, ideally 18+

Hello! I just started getting back into Destiny 2 after some time away. I used to run the Leviathan raid quite frequently with a clan that is now defunct, and am looking to catch up so I can play through the endgame content of the recent expansions. Besides that I am looking for clans with mature members who are LGBT-friendly. I am pretty active on Discord and am basically always in voice chat. Let me know if you need more information, I'm happy to talk more as finding a good fit is important to me.

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  • [b]Are you a skilled player? We want you![/b] Who we are: We're The Light Bearer's Entropy! Yes, we are small but that is because we're friends who came together to start a clan where people feel like a family. We're a collection of Destiny vets who push content to the limits. We’ve solo flawless dungeons, flawless raids, Day 1 Raids, Run Master Raids, Low Man Raids, GM Farm and Armor Stat / Weapon Roll Farm. We're looking to recruit and build a community of likeminded people. [b]What is required to join the clan?[/b] We cover all NA time zones (PST, MT, CST & EST) (If you’re brand new to the game please don’t apply. We aren’t trying to be rude, but there are plenty of clans that focus on helping new lights out there.) * MUST HAVE DISCORD AS ALL COMMUNICATION IS DONE THROUGH THERE (Everyone has to have a mic by now, right?) * Must own all expansions * Must be 20+ * Have a team focused mind set * You don't have to have a ton of achievements as listed but have the drive to push content. * No toxic or raging behavior [b]Activity requirement:[/b] * After being inactive in discord and/or the game for 2 weeks you’ll be removed. You’re welcome back any time, but this is to insure we keep an active community. * Interact and play with clan. We don’t bite! (We understand if you have to lfg or want to play solo but if you do not interact with the clan, then why be in one?) [b]Clan Achievements:[/b] •We hold six Day 1 Raid completions -DSC -VOG -VOW (Master) -Kings fall -Kings fall (Master) - Roots of Nightmare ( # 3,017, #6,017, and #7,002) (This is the first of many times we will have multiple day 1 teams complete day 1) • Week 1 clear of VOW (Normal) • Low-Man Raid clears, and all D2 raids flawlessly completed. • Conqueror seal gilded week one •Spire, Duality, ST, POH, GOA, and Prophecy Solo Flawless. EU and US Players welcome [b]How to Join?[/b] Request to join! Don’t be shy! We have no desire to have tons of members. We’re looking at 60 to 70 members, so request to join before it's too late! Sincerely, Founder - Loko Founder – Foo Founder - Deci

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