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publicado originalmente en:Clan Finder
1/23/2023 9:03:47 PM


Hi everyone NOVA is looking for new players we currently have 50 members and growing fast we are a PVE/PVP group of UK based players looking for new members we are only looking for PlayStation at the moment due to not having discord yet. But when it comes to PlayStation we will expand into other platforms we are a chilled clan that like to have a laugh and play destiny. The link to the clan is detailed below and all requirements are in there Requirements: - -18+ -Must be able to take banter -Willing to listen and learn if wanting help -Be active MUST HAVE DISCORD AS ALL COMMUNICATION IS DONE THROUGH THERE * Must own all expansions * Have a team focused mindset * You don't have to have a ton of achievements as listed but have the drive to push content. * No toxic or raging behavior *Activity requirement – after being inactive in discord and/or the game for 2 weeks you’ll be removed. You’re welcome back any time, but this is to ensure we keep an active community. Clan Description We specialize in Raiding, Dungeons, and GM’s. We are a UK based clan but willing to accept others If they play around our times. We do anything from Flawless Trials help to Conqueror Seals help we do everything end game and want more people to do it with. Must be willing to join parties and not be shy. We operate in a discord system that is setup for chatting and other platform players and you can check what ada and the gunsmith have by using the bots within the discord and also have a psn group chat that people message in and have party chats. This clan ranges from ages between 18-60 if this clan fits your description hit my psn up BR4DL1THG0W or any of my admins within Nova Clan. EU and US Players welcome How to Join? Request to join! We have no desire to have tons of members. We’re looking at 60 to 70 members, so request to join before it's too late! Founder - Brad#9094 Co Leaders – Merciless-MadMan#3301 and Scooby-_-Doo71-#3534 Admins - Nisbot#4144, Itz_FiiR3D#0762, Asidic_Druid#6197

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