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publicado originalmente en:Clan Finder
12/22/2022 2:34:19 PM

Looking for chill - accountable clan

Hello! I was looking for a clan that games usually between 5pm-9pm Eastern Time. I do like to play and usually schedule 3-5 raids/dungeons per week and play 20+ hours/week. I am not hard core/harsh and will never go flawless, but like to have fun. My #1 priority is accountability. My current clans has an issue with showing up to raids they signed up for. I am very busy and do not have patience to constantly find replacements (or worse cancel) last minute. Does this fit with your clan culture? Thank you!

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  • Hey man I see you are looking for a clan! We always have room for more in the family at WOTC our advert is bellow if interested! [b]READ THE ADVERT PLEASE![/b] Wrath Of The Crayon 1 - Wrath Of The Crayon 2 - Discord Server Link - [b](NA/OCEANA/EU)[/b] [b]ALL PLATFORMS[/b] WrathOfTheCrayon is a community focused Endgame PvE & PvP Clan. We strive to maintain a fun and active community and a family like setting, while still conquering the hardest content D2 has to offer, wether your looking for a Sherpa through a raid, a new family and place to call home or a day one raid team, we have it all here at WOTC [b][u]What does WOTC have to offer me?[/u][/b] -Consistent runs of every raid every week (Sherpas welcome!) -A highly active and experienced player base - A close knit and welcoming Community and Family of Brothers wanting to game -Active players 24/7 From EU, NA and AUS time zones -Sherpas for all activities in the game -A well developed discord and clan system that has stood the test of time over 2 years [u][b]How do I join WOTC?[/b][/u] - getting into the clan is as easy as joining the discord and following the steps provided upon arrival! ——We do have a few expectations before you apply—— -18+ (exceptions based on maturity) - ownership of the most recent DLC (Witch Queen) -A Working Mic -A Willingness to become part of the community and interact with the clan as a whole (we do not harbor engram leeches) [b][u]About The Clans[/u][/b] [i]WrathØfŦheCrayon(The Main Clan)[/i] - Admission is based on clan activity, and respect for other clan members. (earned through participation in the second clan) -Endgame focused, ie. Nightfalls, Raids and other high-end content [i] WrathOfTheCrayon 2 (Feeder Clan)[/i] -Has absolutely NO requirements to join, as everyone is welcome. No matter your skill level, we will accept anyone. Newcomers, returning veterans, absolutely everyone can join. [b]The Wrath advantage[/b] WrathOfTheCrayon is a fully settled, active and built up clan, unlike many others we have been around for over 2 years have a incredibly strong backbone of players and amazing community atmosphere. [i]Come give us a look![/i] [i]Remember “Life is like a box of crayons, you never know which one you'll get”[/i]

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