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publicado originalmente en:Clan Finder
12/14/2022 8:30:07 PM

Emote Collectors Recruiting! Come join a chill, no toxicity, no drama, clan for the New Season!

Hey everyone, we’re the eMote Collectors, a newly formed (18+) clan of chill peeps that are looking for experienced guardians to come and join us! We are a no drama, no toxicity, LQBTQ+ friendly, community clan, meaning we are not just here for those weekly engrams. We are a mix of EST, CST, and GMT time zones so no matter where you are, we gotcha. We do a wide range of activities & endgame content so come join the party! We are looking for seasoned players and sherpas to help teach our growing clan! But we do welcome all platforms and skill types. Just be respectful, and willing to listen and learn. Discord is our main form of communication so if you’re interested, shoot me a DM or reply directly to this message and I can get yah an invite to it, as well as one to the clan! I'm Samurai#8729 on discord if you prefer to message me there! Now get out there and get emoting, cya around guardians!

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