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    Eternal in Spirit // Elite in Skill // Wise in Action. Possess all three and be permitted to tread together as Guardians of Soul!!

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publicado originalmente en:Soul
8/14/2015 9:40:44 AM

Join King's Fall Raid Group

Hey all readers, I'm creating a Group/Clan of elite level 34 players. If you are interested, have a level 34 guardian and want to have a chance to beat "King's Fall" first this is for you. Please post the following information. Example (myself) IGN: game_more (PS4) Class: Warlock (34) My idea for this group is to start King's Fall at release and continue to playing until completed. People who are interested should expect to play 12 to 16+ hours. Although since information is sparse the hours may vary. I'm open to ideas and feedback. This raid group is for PS4. This post will be updated with people who applied to get into the raid group. You must join the group I created called "Soul". This will make it easier to track who is interested. [url=]Soul Group/Clan Link[/url]

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