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    The Halo Archive is a community. A place for Halo fans to come together and discuss their passions. Whether it be Halo or another universe. [url=]Home Page[/url] [url=]Forum[/url] [url=]Tumblr[/url] [url=]Twitter[/url] [url=]YouTube[/url]

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publicado originalmente en:Halo Archive
12/27/2017 1:33:17 AM

Lord of Admirals' 2017 Halo Lore Q&A

[u][b]Upcoming Halo Fiction[/b][/u] Halo: Rise of Atriox #5 Halo: Bad Blood Halo 6 [u][b]Previous Q&A's[/b][/u] [url=]Lord of Admirals' 2013 Halo Lore Q&A[/url] [url=]Lord of Admirals' 2014 Halo Lore Q&A[/url] [url=]Lord of Admirals' 2015 Halo Lore Q&A[/url] [url=]Lord of Admirals' 2016 Halo Lore Q&A[/url] -------------------------------- If you've got any questions about Halo's lore and story, ask away! Don't have much going on right now, so ask away.

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