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    The Halo Archive is a community. A place for Halo fans to come together and discuss their passions. Whether it be Halo or another universe. [url=]Home Page[/url] [url=]Forum[/url] [url=]Tumblr[/url] [url=]Twitter[/url] [url=]YouTube[/url]

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Editado por Lord of Admirals: 8/30/2015 11:18:28 PM

Today In Halo: August 30th, 2552 - The Fall of Reach

537 years from now on August 30th, 2552 the Fleet of Particular Justice led by Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee arrives in the Epsilon Eridani System using the tracking device planted on the UNSC Iroquois during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Despite suffering extreme casualties, the Fleet of Particular Justice would prove triumphant in destroying Reach's orbital defense grid and glassing most of the planet. Casualties for humanity were near 100%. 700,000,000+ people died.

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